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NSF Certified Logo Meaning
NSF Safe Logo

NSF International is an American product testing, inspection, and certification organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The NSF letters stand for National Sanitation Foundation.

Most people take the safety of their food, water, and consumer products for granted every day. Why? Because of three letters: NSF – NSF certification is your consumer key to making certain the products you use, meet the strict Goverment standards for public health protection.

When you choose an NSF Certified product, you know the manufacturing company complies with the strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. This includes everything from extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections. Every aspect of a product’s development is completely and thoroughly evaluated before it can earn the NSF certification.

More importantly, the NSF certification is not a one-time event. It involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities. It also involves regular re-testing of products to ensure that they continue to meet the same high standards required to maintain certification over time. If for any reason a product fails to meet one or more certification criteria, NSF will take enforcement actions to protect you. This includes product recalls, public notification, or de-certification.

The bottom line? If a product bears the NSF Certification logo, the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to ensure they produce a healthy and safe product for internal human consumption.

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