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NSF K-5161 Clear Vinyl Hose – KNH & KHW Series

Certified by NSF INTERNATIONAL to ANSI/NSF 51 and ANSI/NSF 61, sections 4 and 9. View our NSF listings – NSF-51, NSF-61

Formulated to comply with NSF-51, NSF-61, FDA, Prop. 65, RoHS, and REACH requirements, as well as being non-toxic and non-phthalate, consider Kentak’s K-5161 Series Reinforced Hose when pressure is a concern. Its pressure ratings are approximately four times that of non-reinforced PVC Tubing. It’s also available in 100′ coils. Standard print reads: KPC K-5161 PVC 25°F TO 150°F NSF-51.


  • Constructed using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) inner and outer tube with polyester textile yarn
  • Durometer: 80 Shore “A”
  • Operating temperature range from +25° F to +150° F (Higher temperatures will result in lower working pressures)


  • Used in the food processing industry
  • Liquid and powder food products
  • Used in potable water applications
  • Sink and faucet supply lines
  • Ice maker supply lines
  • Use as a component in Mechanical Plumbing Devices

This is a stock product and is available for immediate shipment.

Specification Sheet

KNH Clear Vinyl Reinforced NSF Hose

Part #I.D.O.D.Working PSI At 70° FLengthLBS/CFT
KNH-0011/8".312"250 lbs300 ft3.4
KNH-001-71/8".312"250 lbs100 ft3.4
KNH-0023/16".375"250 lbs300 ft4.4
KNH-002-73/16".375"250 lbs100 ft4.4
KNH-0031/4".438"250 lbs300 ft5.6
KNH-003-71/4".438"250 lbs100 ft5.6
KNH-0045/16".525"250 lbs300 ft7.7
KNH-004-75/16".525"250 lbs100 ft7.7
KNH-0053/8".594"225 lbs300 ft9.2
KNH-005-73/8".594"225 lbs100 ft9.2
KNH-0061/2".750"200 lbs300 ft13.5
KNH-006-71/2".750"200 lbs100 ft13.5
KNH-0075/8".875"200 lbs300 ft16.2
KNH-007-75/8".875"200 lbs100 ft16.2
KNH-0083/4"1.025"150 lbs300 ft21.1
KNH-008-73/4"1.025"150 lbs100 ft21.1
KNH-0091"1.312"125 lbs200ft31.2
KNH-009-71"1.312"125 lbs100 ft31.2
KNH-0101 1/4"1.656"100 lbs100 ft51
KNH-0111 1/2"1.937"100 lbs100 ft65
KNH-0122"2.500"75 lbs100 ft98

KHW Clear Vinyl Reinforced Heavy Wall NSF Hose

Part #I.D.O.D.Working PSI At 70° FLengthLBS/CFT
KHW-0511/8".328"350 lbs300 ft4.3
KHW-0523/16".406"350 lbs300 ft5.6
KHW-0531/4".500"350 lbs300 ft8
KHW-0545/16".562"275 lbs300 ft10.3
KHW-0553/8".625"275 lbs300 ft11
KHW-0561/2".812"250 lbs300 ft17
KHW-0575/8"1.000"225 lbs200 ft26
KHW-0583/4"1.125"200 lbs200 ft30
KHW-0591"1.375"150 lbs200 ft39
KHW-0601-1/4"1.750"125 lbs100 ft62
KHW-0611-1/2"2.000"100 lbs100 ft76