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EVA Tubing – Natural EVT Series

Formulated to comply with FDA, Prop. 65, RoHS and REACH requirements. As well as being non-toxic and non-phthalate, our EVA tubing is high quality and designed to transport a wide variety of chemicals, gases and other liquids.


  • Constructed using 18% ethyl vinyl acetate
  • Operating temperature range from -30° F to +125° F (Higher temperatures will result in lower working pressures)

This is a stock product and is available for immediate shipment.

Specification Sheet

Part #I.D.O.D.Working PSI At 70° FLengthLBS/CFT
EVT-001.125".250"40 lbs100 ft1.1
EVT-002.170".250"55 lbs100 ft1.5
EVT-0033/16"5/16"50 lbs100 ft2.0
EVT-0041/4"3/8"45 lbs100 ft2.5
EVT-0053/8"1/2"40 lbs100 ft3.5
EVT-0063/8"5/8"50 lbs100 ft8
EVT-0071/2"3/4"40 lbs100 ft10
EVT-0085/8"3/4"30 lbs100 ft5.5
EVT-0093/4"1'"30 lbs100 ft14
EVT-0101"1-1/4"25 lbs100 ft18