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Air-Tak II™ Lightweight Air Hose – KF2 & KF3 Series

Kentak introduces a new, flexible, lightweight air hose – the Air-Tak II™. This new air hose is a thermoplastic hose with improved low-temperature flexibility. It was developed to look and feel like rubber. Air-Tak II™ is a registered trademark of Kentak Products Company.


  • Air tool hose, air and water lines
  • Lighter than rubber hose in the same dimensions
  • Available in 1/4″ & 3/8″ I.D. sizes
  • 300 psi rating at 70°F, coupled 1/4″ male x male (Higher temperatures will result in lower working pressures)
  • Order hose assemblies in 25ft., 50ft. and 100ft. lengths (also available in bulk)

Colors: Blue, Red and Yellow.

This is a stock product and is available for immediate shipment.

Custom fittings, lengths, colors, printing and packaging are also available. Contact us for details.

Specification Sheet

Air-Tak II™ With Couplings

Part #I.D.O.D.Working PSI At 70° FLengthLBS/Each
KF2-Y025CP1/4".490"300 lbs25ft2.16
KF2-Y050CP1/4".490"300 lbs50ft4.32
KF2-Y100CP1/4".490"300 lbs100ft8.64
KF2-R025CP1/4".490"300 lbs25ft2.16
KF2-R050CP1/4".490"300 lbs50ft4.32
KF2-R100CP1/4".490"300 lbs100ft8.64
KF2-D025CP1/4".490"300 lbs25ft2.16
KF2-D050CP1/4".490"300 lbs50ft4.32
KF2-D100CP1/4".490"300 lbs100ft8.64
KF3-Y025CP3/8"0.595"300 lbs25ft2.6
KF3-Y050CP3/8"0.595"300 lbs25ft5.2
KF3-Y100CP3/8"0.595"300 lbs50ft10.4
KF3-R025CP3/8"0.595"300 lbs100ft2.6
KF3-R050CP3/8"0.595"300 lbs25ft5.2
KF3-R100CP3/8"0.595"300 lbs50ft10.4
KF3-D025CP3/8"0.595"300 lbs100ft2.6
KF3-D050CP3/8"0.595"300 lbs25ft5.2
KF3-D100CP3/8"0.595"300 lbs50ft10.4

Air-Tak II™ Without Couplings

Part #I.D.O.D.Working PSI At 70° FLengthLBS/Each
KF2-Y0251/4".490"300 lbs25ft2.16
KF2-Y0501/4".490"300 lbs50ft4.32
KF2-Y1001/4".490"300 lbs100ft8.64
KF2-Y3001/4".490"300 lbs300ft25.92
KF2-Y500RL1/4".490"300 lbs500ft43.2
KF2-R0251/4".490"300 lbs25ft2.16
KF2-R0501/4".490"300 lbs50ft4.32
KF2-R1001/4".490"300 lbs100ft8.64
KF2-R3001/4".490"300 lbs300ft25.92
KF2-R500RL1/4".490"300 lbs500ft43.2
KF2-D0251/4".490"300 lbs25ft2.16
KF2-D0501/4".490"300 lbs50ft4.32
KF2-D1001/4".490"300 lbs100ft8.64
KF2-R3001/4".490"300 lbs300ft25.92
KF2-R500RL1/4".490"300 lbs500ft43.2
KF3-Y0253/8"0.595"300 lbs25ft2.6
KF3-Y0503/8"0.595"300 lbs25ft5.2
KF3-Y1003/8"0.595"300 lbs50ft10.4
KF3-Y3003/8"0.595"300 lbs300ft31.2
KF3-Y500RL3/8"0.595"300 lbs500ft5.2
KF3-R0253/8"0.595"300 lbs100ft2.6
KF3-R0503/8"0.595"300 lbs25ft5.2
KF3-R1003/8"0.595"300 lbs50ft10.4
KF3-R3003/8"0.595"300 lbs300ft31.2
KF3-R500RL3/8"0.595"300 lbs500ft5.2
KF3-D0253/8"0.595"300 lbs100ft2.6
KF3-D0503/8"0.595"300 lbs25ft5.2
KF3-D1003/8"0.595"300 lbs50ft10.4
KF3-D3003/8"0.595"300 lbs300ft31.2
KF3-D500RL3/8"0.595"300 lbs500ft5.2